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NOVEMBER 20, 2020


Joshua Sherrard

Joshua SHERRARD -  President and CEO Strategic Navigators, Inc.
Phone 630.937.2622 //

This article appeared in the November edition of CS magazine. Click here to view the original article.

Q: How has your business changed in the last 4 months?

2020 has been filled with challenges and opportunities. I specifically used the time of quarantine and travel shutdowns to think creatively about new growth. We have expanded our staff, added digital marketing and are heavily using video conferencing to execute sales. I believe these changes will launch a better 2021.

Q: Do you have a favorite charitable organization that you like to work with and why?

I actually help my clients to build their own non-profits and have one myself. We paint with broad strokes, so we can accommodate various initiatives. My charity serves three major arms: humanitarianism, education and Christian ministry. I work with charities that have moral, ethical and fiscal integrity.

Q: What sets you apart from others in your field?

We don't sell products, we sell money. While most in the financial industry are trying to get better ROR, we eliminate losses by addressing taxes, fees and volatility. We help our clients keep more, make more, spend more, give more and leave more.

Q: What changes have you made to your business model that have turned out to be positive?

I was spending too much on domestic travel to meet my nationwide clientele. 2020 has forced me to use video conferencing at a new level and it works! Any given day, I can see clients from Washington state to Texas to Ohio from the comfort of my Batavia, Illinois office.

Q: What makes Chicago Special to you in spite of the challenges?

Chicago is a great city with people from around the world. I love the rich diversity and the Midwest warmth that is unique to Chicago. While taxes are high in Illinois, my specialty is saving taxes. So this place I love makes for a good home.

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