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Our experts at SNI utilize the tax code and case law to develop strategies that maximize cashflow for our clients. We focus on income tax and strategic planning as your business grows. In general, our clients save 40-60% on their federal and state income taxes. 

Tax Plannng

We offer unique strategies for business growth, transitions, and sale. Our strategies have historically reduced capital gains and income tax relative to generational transitions, mergers, and acquisitions. In addition, our vast base of client experience allows us to advice and coach across a myriad of industries. 

Busness Coaching

In a world that is overcrowded with finance advisors, SNI stands above the rest with dynamic planning that eliminates taxes, reduces fees and protects against market volatility. Through our Registered Investment Advisory firm, Strategic Navigators Asset Management, we offer full service for 401ks, 403bs, and other standard investments. Our financial experts work in concert with our legal and accounting divisions to ensure the best results for our clientele. 

One of the keys to successful estate planning is simplicity and the ability for your heirs to understand your wishes. Here at SNI we structure wills, trusts, and overall estate planning to minimize tax, protect assets and most importantly, accomplish your goals. Our approach is to keep your fears organized, your strategies manageable and your wealth maximized.

Through our accounting firm, Strategic Navigators Accounting, we offer best-in-class accounting services filing in all 50 states. Our experts include forensic CPAs, expert witnesses, certified business valuation experts, tax attorneys and business consultants. This capable group works in concert to help you stay compliant while maximizing your cashflow. The tax strategies we recommend are sophisticated and nuanced, and our accounting team effectively reports and files on your behalf. Our proactive approach to business tax and structure relieves the last-minute stress and unnecessary complications that are far too typical in the accounting industry. 

For those in need of bookkeeping services, Strategic Navigators Bookkeeping can assist in the regular management of online software, inventory, billing, and other daily tasks. These duties are performed under the supervision of our accounting team and in compliance with general client strategies. 

Financial Coaching
Estate Planning
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